Chen Kaige, a famous director and Chenhong, a famous actor took photos with the artistic director of our company before Chen Huaikai Museum
Tang Guozhong, the member of the Standing Committee of Fujian Provincial Committee of the CPC and the director of Publicity Department is visiting the Oversea Chinese Museum of Jinjiang. He approved the content and style of this display.
He Lifeng, the member of Tianjin Municipal Committee, the Standing Committee of Tianjin and deputy secretary is taking photos with the artistic director of our company at the scene.
20 outstanding youth from JInjiang Youth Cap guided by Shi Weiqun are visiting the Oversea Chinese Museum of Jinjiang.
On September 26, 2009, Nanjing Anti-Japanese Aviation Museum is officially opened; it is the first international anti-Japanese aviation museum.
On April 29, 2009, Liang Baohua, the secretary of Jiangsu party committee and Liu Xiaojiang, the commissar of navy are visiting the Memorial Hall of the birthplace of PLA navy.
On April 24, 2009, the veterans are visiting the Cross Campaign Memorial Hall.
Jinping, the director and Chen Kaiyan are visiting the scenery of Wuxi canal to prepare for dreamful canal cultural project.
The planning team are attending the discussion about dreamful canal cultural project.
Memorial Hall of Xiamen Special Economic Zone is opened this morning. Former leader Jiangping visited it and said I worked in that office in those days. Today I feel like I am at home
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